Super THUG Bros.

Super THUG Bros. is the first video made under Stutterbox Studios. Filmed mostly in secret, it was made in the week SaikoMantis first got his capture card, and released within four days. It features SaikoMantis alone, making it the only released Stutterbox Studios film to not have an appeared by anyone else, even Patteroast.

STB started the tradition of doing mostly themed videos in Stutterbox Studios. It also was the first of the Super THUG Bros. line of videos, featuring SaikoMantis as Mario and in later videos with Patteroast as Luigi.

STB used some of the best lines that SaikoMantis and Patteroast had found between the release of THUG and its filming, but in many cases added an extra twist to already classic ones.

STB contains ten scenes, plus opening and closing credits. The opening credits announce that this is SaikoMantis' first movie. The ending credits are the beginning of another tradition: a funny ending. It has the shortest running time of any of Stutterbox Studios' released films, and also one of the shortest production times.

Scene List:

  1. Venice - SaikoMantis
  2. New Jersey - SaikoMantis
  3. Manhattan - SaikoMantis
  4. Tampa - SaikoMantis
  5. Tampa - SaikoMantis
  6. San Diego - SaikoMantis
  7. Hawaii - SaikoMantis
  8. Hawaii - SaikoMantis
  9. Hawaii - SaikoMantis
  10. Manhattan - SaikoMantis

Running Time: 2:44
Total Scenes: 10
Features: SaikoMantis